WATCH | Dog Rescues Drowning Dog From Swimming Pool

A CCTV camera has caught the amazing moment when a dog comes to the aid of another dog who had accidentally fallen into a swimming pool.

The small white dog was walking around the pool when she took her eyes off the path in front of her and ended up falling into the water. 

The small white dog struggles to stay afloat

After several minutes of frantic swimming, another dog comes over and initially seems playful.

But then, as if realising that the dog is in real danger, the heroic dog tries to pull the dog out of the swimming pool by its ears. 

The first attempt results in the white dog being pulled to the side of the pool. But the stricken dog quickly falls back once again into the water. 

After the first attempt failed, the back dog successfully pulls the white dog out of the pool.

Not giving up, the black dog keeps trying to save the dog until he finally manages to pull the small dog to safety. 

This video is another prime example of why dogs have such a special place in our hearts.

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