Decommissioned Emergency Ambulance Reborn As A Mobile Bar & Coffee Van

A decommissioned ambulance is set to start a new life as a mobile bar and coffee van. 

Rather than ending up on the scrap heap, this workhorse is going to help keep members of the public ‘hydrated’ thanks to months of renovation work at the hands of its new owner. 

The ambulance, now officially known as ‘The Ambarlance’, served for nine years, clocking up hundreds of thousands of miles as it responded to 999 calls around the north of the country.

In a post shared on Facebook, ‘The Ambarlance’s’ proud owners announced:

‘This is Arnold. He is a rescue ambulance. This is his story.

‘With many thousands of miles under his belt, he was just a few days away from being scrapped, ground down and turned into Carling cans when three guys from Essex heard about his nine years of heroic service on the streets of The North.

‘They were shocked to hear that Arnold was destined to spend the rest of his days getting swigged by flatulent England fans who are getting a bit lively before a street brawl because they have drawn 0-0 with Andorra, not to mention 15-year-olds looking for the cheapest thing in the offy before heading down to the canal to find their stash of bongo magazines. 

‘Was this really a fitting end for such a British hero?

‘There was only one thing for it – they adopted Arnold and he headed down South to his forever home once his neenaw had been disconnected and all of the woowoo juice had been removed from the on-board medicine safe.

‘With a little bit of TLC (well actually a sh*tload), Arnold the Ambarlance is going to spend the rest of his days as a mobile bar and coffee van, and he hopes to meet you all very soon. In the meantime, you can follow his story right here as he gets his makeover’.

The only question that remains is; whose round is it? 

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