WATCH | Jag Driver Almost Collides With The Police After Cutting Them Up On A Roundabout

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When you are casually making your way around a roundabout, the last thing you expect to happen is for someone to come shooting across your lane. 

When this happens to most of us, we end up swearing at the incompetent driver who has almost just taken the front of our vehicle off. 

We get angry because, to most of us, our cars are our pride-and-joy. They are our cocoons of mobile personal space and we are very protective over them.

But when this happens to a police officer (scroll down for video), who is driving a marked police vehicle, then not only does the careless driver get ‘spoken to’, but they also get reported for, in this case, driving without due care and attention. 

Surrey Road Cops have shared some dashcam footage of the moment when the driver of a Jag aka ‘tank’ almost took out the front of their police vehicle on the Reigate Hill Intersection.

If this happens to you, and you have a dashcam, then remember to contact your local force to see if they have a web portal that allows you to upload footage of the numerous dodgy drivers out there. 

It isn’t long before the driver is having words with the officers.

If something similar happens to you as you drive through Surrey, then Surrey Police have just such a portal. You can access it HERE.

You can buy dashcams from Amazon starting from as little as 26.99

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