This ‘Scamwich’ Sums Up What Most Big Corporations Think Of Us Right Now

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Imagine parting with a few quid for a ‘cheese sandwich’ to find that the food you have just purchased has hardly any cheese in it. 

That is precisely what happened to one unsuspecting shopper when they opened their cheese sandwich only to find that the stingy company responsible for selling the sandwich could not be bothered to put hardly any cheese in it!

The image was shared on the ‘Rate My Refs’ Facebook page that highlights what we are like to eat during our well-earned breaks. 

But imagine how stingy a food company must be to only put such a tiny amount of cheese in a so-called ‘cheese sandwich’. 

We have been trying to work out who made and sold this culinary insult, but so far, we have been unsuccessful. 

If you recognise the branding, then let us know in the comments below. 

This is just another prime example of us being shafted by big corporations so that the owners of such corporations can feast on their profits, whilst we are expected to be satisfied by this sort of sub-standard penny-pinching crap.

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  1. This is my sandwich and absolutely not from a hospital vending machine

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