This Cop Wants To Know The What The Cake Fine Is For Rousing Trumpton?

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A Metropolitan Police officer has enquired about the most suitable cake fine that should be paid after getting several LFB fire engines out on a false alarm. 

The officer had been patrolling around London’s streets when he noticed some ‘smoke’ coming from a block of flats. 

As the officer and his oppo got closer to the smoke source, they still could not be 100% sure where it was coming from, so they radioed it into their control room. 

Control room staff sent over the CAD message to the London Fire Brigade, who sent at least three fire engines to the scene. 

‘No fire but likely a faulty generator. Cakes? #Sorry #Team999’

As one twitter user pointed out; ‘Preservation of life/property supersedes a cake fine imo’ – and this Twitter user has a point. 

But if a cake fine does apply, what do you think the appropriate cake payment should be? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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