Spotted! UK Police Filmed Recording Much-Anticipated Jerusalema Video!

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If you are not already familiar with the emergency services version of the ‘Jerusalema Challenge’, it was first started by the Swiss Police (as far as we are aware). 

They put together a fantastic video of their officers busting out some moves for the catchy track. I will admit that I have watched it, shall we say, more than once…

Shortly after the Swiss Police shared their video and it gained worldwide POSITIVE coverage, the Garda stepped up to the challenge and released their take on the video. And it also did really well.

The Swiss Police recorded a fantastic video for the Jerusalema Challenge

If you haven’t seen the videos mentioned above, then a quick search on YouTube will reveal the videos in question. 

The Garda also stepped up and recorded a video (that also went viral)

But judging by the video which one of our followers sent to us, it looks like our question has just been answered. 

In the video (that will be shared in the next issue of our subscriber-only newsletter; the aptly named ‘S__ts & Giggles’), some cops can be seen choreographing the tell-tale moves that come with the unofficial Jerusalema dance routine. 

So, hopefully, it won’t be long until the UK version of the Jerusalema challenge is shared on social media! 

We will share the video that was sent in to us in the next issue of Shits & Giggles (subscribe now by clicking HERE).

We are choosing not to share the footage sent to us here, in this article, because we know just how many professional moaners and whingers there are out there who might try and stop the video from being released. 

Instead, we will share the footage – that was filmed by someone who just happened to be walking by as the production was being filmed – in the next issue, our £1-per-month newsletter (sign up by clicking HERE). 

After everything that has happened over the last 14 months, it is great to see some emergency workers letting off some steam. 

And if any professional moaners are reading this, before you try to initiate a morale failure, just remember that the officers were rehearsing this routine during their well-earned break (yes, that’s right; emergency workers are entitled to breaks too). 

And, yes, if an emergency call would have come in, then the officers would have responded to it. 

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