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Fancy A Walk? Could This Be The Worlds Longest Walking Trail?

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If you enjoy a good walk, then keep reading; you won’t be disappointed. 

Even if you don’t enjoy long walks, then keep reading because if you want a challenge, this could be a lifetime challenge! 

The longest path in the world to walk is from Cape Town in South Africa to Magadan in Russia. 

You won’t need to board an aircraft during the walk, and you won’t need to jump on any boats as there are bridges where the land meets the sea. 

It will take you about 4,492 hours to cover this distance. 

So that is 187 days of walking non-stop (you probably won’t make it without any sleep!), so that’s 561 days if you walk for eight hours each day. 

You will pass through 17 countries, six time zones along the route, and experience all of the years seasons. 

If you do try, then make sure to let us know how you get on. Just make sure you buy yourself some decent walking boots.

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