Spoof WhatsApp ‘Group Chat’ Between Police & Government Is Doing The Rounds

A spoof WhatsApp chat between ‘the police’ and the ‘Government’ is currently doing the rounds amongst policing circles.

The WhatsApp ‘group’, called ‘Policing Covid Restrictions’, is supposed to represent a hypothetical ‘chat’ between Government officials and the ‘police’ regarding how the government want and expect law enforcement personnel to police the raft of Covid restrictions that have been put in place to help kerb the pandemic.

And although the ‘chat’ is a spoof, it gives us some idea about how the policing community feel they are being treated by the very people who come up with the rules in the first place.

‘Bus’ and ‘thrown under’ springs to mind.

The police have recently been at the brunt of heavy criticism regarding how they have policed various gatherings over the last year, many of which, under restrictions which were put in place by Parliament, have been unlawful.

But the ‘chat’ below gives us some idea concerning the impossible situation that the police have been put in regarding how everyone outside of the policing community wants and expects them to enforce the restrictions put in place by our politicians.

Here’s the ‘chat’:

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