WATCH | Police Battles Through ‘Traffic Calming’ Barrier In London, Adding Valuable Minutes To Response Time

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A video has been shared on social media, which shows a police officer trying to dismantle ‘traffic calming’ street furniture in a so-called ‘Low Traffic Neighbourhood’ (LTN) as he rushes to a 999 call.

In a bid to try and encourage more people to ditch their vehicles, some councils in London have erected ‘traffic calming’ barriers in an attempt to stop people from using their cars.

the officer is forced to stop before dismantling a part of the barrier

However, this has meant that London’s emergency services have sometimes experienced delays in responding to emergency calls, especially when responding to an incident outside of their usual policing areas.

In the video (below), a response driver is forced to stop their vehicle in the middle of the road as the police officer gets out to dismantle the barrier before the police vehicle passes through.

Once through the barrier, the officer has to put the barrier back together again, before getting back in his vehicle and continuing on his way to the emergency call.

The so-called ‘community enhancements’ have been hotly debated since their introduction with opposing sides calling for them to either be removed completely or have more of them installed on London’s streets.

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  1. These traffic calming measures have cause an increase in idling on kain roads as drivers are forced to all take the same route across south london. Its causing an increase in fuel consumption and a nightmare for some of the residents of these streets. One road in crystal palace SE25 is blocked off at one end. Adding 30 minutes of fighting through heavy traffic to get home.

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