WATCH | Bus Straddles Two Lanes After Sliding Down Icy Hill In Essex

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A video has been shared on Twitter of the moment when a single-decker bus slides down an icy hill in Essex before coming to a stop across both lanes of traffic. 

The slippery episode happened on Bread & Cheese Hill (named after a local pub) on the A13 in Benfleet late last night (7th Feb). 

The bus drives slowly down the steep hill but still starts to slide as the bus’s front swings out to the right. 

Thankfully, no vehicles were travelling in the opposite direction at the time. 

The driver then puts on his hazard warning lights as he/she straddles both lanes before coming to a stop. 

A vehicle travelling behind the bus manages to stop in time, but it is not long before the stationary car is hit by another car that got caught out by the icy conditions. 

The police eventually shut the road, and nobody was seriously injured. 

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