NHS’s Twitter Guru Responds To Picture Of Baked Beans On Weetabix – And It Starts A Tsunami Of Banter

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Whoever looks after the NHS’s Twitter account helped to bring some much-needed light-heartedness to the world of social media this afternoon. 

Earlier on today (9th Feb) Weetabix had tweeted a picture of some baked beans on Weetabix. 

And whilst we are used to the traditional beans-on-toast light ‘refreshments’, most of us would vomit at the thought of some beans on Weetabix – especially if the beans were cold.

Of course, when it comes to eating ‘refs’ then, judging by some of the pictures of food which are shared on the ‘Rate My Refs’ Facebook page and Instagram account, then this ‘dish’ of baked beans on Weetabix looks relatively tame. 

The light-hearted response clearly struck a chord with the vast majority of people who have a sense of humour, as it attracted over 9k likes. 

In fact, the tweet prompted a flurry of light-hearted responses from dozens of other organisations. 

LidlGB tweeted: ‘Babe, are you ok? You’ve hardly touched your Weetabix and beans!

Weetabix responded with: ‘Just about to tuck in, babes. Question is spoon or knife and fork?

WestYorkshirePolice joined the morale outbreak by tweeting: ‘Even though this is criminal, please don’t ring us to report it.’

And as you can see, lots of other official ‘blue-tick’ Twitter accounts got involved with the banter shots which were aimed at the dish:

Even National Rail and Sainsbury’s jumped aboard the banter-bus with their own witty tweets:

Also joining the morale outbreak was GCHQ, Specsavers, Virgin Atlantic and Tinder:

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