GoFundMe Page Raises £14k For Cafe Owner Charged With Assault On Police

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The owner of a cafe that was shut down after breaching Covid restrictions is set to receive at least £14k after a GoFundMe page was set up on 8th Feb. 

On 7th Feb, officers from Greater Manchester Police responded to the ‘Kate & Luc Cafe’ on Burnage Lane, Manchester after reports that between ’40 and 60′ people were inside the address. 

When officers arrived, they attempted to speak with the cafe owner and the people who had gathered there for a bite to eat. 

But Greater Manchester Police said that their officers were ‘confronted with verbal abuse from numerous members of the public – all of whom were in breach of coronavirus lockdown legislation – present at the scene’.

And now a GoFundMe page has been set up by ‘Lucjan Domanski’.

A statement on the page reads: “On Sunday, 7th Feb 2021, the owner of Kate & Luc Café was taken outside, beaten up by the Police and arrested. 

“His crime? Trying to pay off debts to the bank and feed his family. Now he has been charged with assault of a police officer.

“We know that Luc has received a lot of support after the incident and we hope that we can all help him and his family to raise money for a good lawyer and to keep his business open. Every donation counts.


Speaking earlier about the incident, a spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said:

‘officers responded to reports of non-compliance with Covid-19 restrictions by a café on Burnage Lane in Manchester. On arrival at the incident, officers were faced with a significant amount of people who were blatantly breaching Covid legislation which has been put in place to protect the most vulnerable members of our community. 

‘Some concerns have been raised regarding footage circulating on social media which shows officers arresting a man following this incident in Burnage.

‘GMP has reviewed all footage available, including that obtained from police worn body video which shows the full timeline of events. 

‘Whilst initial reviews suggest that officers’ actions were reasonable when assessed within the wider context of the situation, following concerns raised by members of the public, it has been referred to GMP’s Professional Standards Branch in line with usual policy. 

‘Officers in attendance were confronted with verbal abuse from numerous members of the public – all of whom were in breach of coronavirus lockdown legislation – present at the scene. 

‘They were then further faced with a reluctance to cooperate by a number of those present, despite the officers attempting to engage with them. One officer sustained physical injuries in the process. 

‘A man has been charged in connection with this incident so it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time’.

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  1. Contact just giving and they will cancel page and refund donations

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