Captain Tom Moore Received Online Abuse From Trolls Weeks Before His Death

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The WWII veteran who raised just under £40 million for the NHS to help staff who were battling Covid, received online abuse in the weeks before his death, his daughter said on Wednesday. 

The 100-year-old veteran inspired the nation when he decided to raise £1000 for the NHS. 

So many people around the world were touched by his kind-hearted and determined nature, that the target of £1,000 was utterly smashed by the final amount of money that Capt Moore raised. 

Hannah Ingram-Moore told the BBC that the online messages of abuse were kept secret, saying that the abuse from a “vile minority” of pathetic morons would have broken his heart had he known about the messages. 

Capt Tom Moore passed away on 2nd February, surrounded by his family. 

Amongst the many thousands of people to pay tribute to Capt Moore was Queen Elizabeth, President Joe Biden’sBiden’s White House and the British Parliament. 

The story highlights the serious issue of moronic trolls who are quite happy to sit behind their monitors and unleash vile vitriol towards people they have never met. 

There have been calls on social media to clamp down on people who troll others, with calls for their accounts to be permanently banned. 

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