Transport Cops Investigating After Male Poops On Ramp Bridge ‘Less Than 10 Metres Away From Toilets’

British Transport Police officers from Cambridgeshire and Peterborough have launched an investigation after railway staff reported that a male dropped a ‘brown cable’ on a ramp bridge at Peterborough Railway Station. 

Apparently, the male decided to have a s**t on the floor less than ten metres away from where the public toilets were located. 

A spokesperson for @BTPCambsPeterB tweeted to say:

‘We are investigating an incident at Peterborough railway station where a male was seen to have a poo on the ramp bridge less than 10 meters away from the toilets. 

‘Not only is this not nice for those who had no choice but to see it but also for the cleaners having to clean it up’.

Replying to the tweet, one social media user said:

‘It’s as if some people in our civilized society haven’t made it from the cave men ages’.

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