WATCH | Cockapoo Rescued From Fast-FLowing Icy River By Good Samaritan

A heartwarming video has been shared on Twitter of the moment when ‘Fudge’ the cockapoo was plucked from a fast-flowing icy river. 

Fudge had slipped into the murky River Thames after skidding down a steep embankment near Kew Gardens yesterday (4th Feb). 

In the footage, Fudge can be seen to desperately try and clamber out of the river, but due to the water’s speed and the slippery bank, the dog stood little chance of escaping. 

And that is when a member of the public got involved. 

The kind-hearted male climbed down a ladder towards the water’s edge and positioned himself downriver of where the dog was heading. 

Fudge clearly understood what his rescuer was trying to do, as he tried desperately to swim towards him. 

As Fudge got closer, the kind-hearted good samaritan reached out and grabbed hold of the dog, undoubtedly saving his life. 

By the time the good samaritan had saved the dog, a small crowd had gathered, and they cheered the rescuer, calling him a hero, as he took the dog to safety.

Talking about the incident, a spokesperson for the RNLI said:

‘A good Samaritan stepped in here to save the day & we’re relieved that this rescue ended well. 

‘If you see an animal in trouble in the water, call 999 & ask for the Coastguard. 

‘We have 4 lifeboat stations on the River Thames & our crews there have performed many animal rescues’.

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