WATCH | Swiss Police Vs Garda Jerusalema Challenge

As we monitored the virtual corridors of social media this afternoon for any interesting content, we stumbled over a tweet published by @GardaInfo. 

In the tweet, a video started with an image of a Garda Traffic Corps officer, signalling for a Swiss-registered vehicle to stop. 

Other than the Swiss-registered vehicle, there wasn’t anything that immediately stood out from the tweet (without playing the video), other than the fact that, in just over three hours, the video had been viewed 303k times. 

You don’t have to be a digital media publisher to recognise that 300k views in less than three hours is pretty impressive.

Even the Garda Horses were getting involved with the Jerusalema Challenge

So we thought that we would check the video out.

And we weren’t disappointed. 

The Garda have put together a masterpiece of amateur(ish) dancing in ‘reply’ to a Jerusalema Challenge video that the Swiss Police shared (see below). 

Jerusalema” is a song by South African DJ and record producer Master KG featuring South African vocalist Nomcebo. 

Master KG

The upbeat gospel-influenced house song was initially released on 29 November 2019.

As far as we are aware, the Swiss Police were the first to set the dance ‘challenge’.

Having viewed the footage, we thought that the dancing was excellent – both from the Garda and the Swiss Police. 

The Swiss Police set the bar high by including some FLIR moves in their footage.

Hopefully, more videos like this will emerge because, judging by the public response to the footage, people love them (apart from the usual ‘dull brigade’ of professional moaners and professional bystanders and the ‘individuals’ who like to commit crime, and thus do not ‘like’ the police). 

Being based in the UK, I doubt we will see the British Police produce one of these videos.

Not because they won’t want to, but because the bellowing voices of professional moaners, professional bystanders and the wrong’uns are thunderous in this country. 

The dull personalities behind such voices always tend to snub out any sign of morale.

So for the rest of us, we will just have to feast our eyes on the Garda and Swiss Police performances because they are, after all, great performances! 

I found these videos to be quite soothing.

With so many negative stories being pumped out by the mainstream media, it was nice to ‘escape’ from all of the negative ‘noise’ for two minutes and 20 seconds.

And if you want to see the video that was produced by the Swiss Police, then we have included that one below:

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