WATCH | Mercedes Driver Barrels Down Snowy Hill Into Parked Cars

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A video has been shared on Twitter of the moment when the driver of a black Mercedes threw caution to the wind as they descended a snow-covered and icy hill. 

In the short clip, which has been watched over 1.5 million times, a white VW drives on the off-side of the road to avoid a Smart car that had come to a stop just after a traffic island. 

The VW driver slowly passes the Smart car as the black Mercedes enters the crest of the hill. 

The driver of the White VW goes off-side to avoid the Smart car.

As the Mercedes speeds past the traffic island, bystanders can be heard to shout: ‘oh my, no, no, no..’

One of the bystanders shouts: “WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE” as the Merc continues to slide down the hill. 

The lady who saw the collision adds: “I live here and this happens every year. There have been about three accidents already today”. 

Another Twitter user said: “Looked like a 3 series. They’re rear wheel drive I think and therefore useless in the ice/snow. Poor bugger probably lost control and wanted to stop but couldn’t. That said, they’re daft for driving in those conditions”.

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