WATCH | Idiot Driver Stops In Fast Lane To Urinate On Central Reservation

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What do you reckon the speed of the average motorist is on lane number three of the M1 motorway? 

80 mph? We all know that the speed limit is 70 mph but rarely do people stick to that speed when they are hurtling along the motorway. 

So imagine driving along, as the road ahead of you is clear, only to have to slam on your brakes as some numpty decides to stop. 

And then imagine your disbelief as the same absolute numpty gets out of his car, pulls out his pecker and then takes a leak on the crash barrier as cars come hurtling towards you from behind? 

The idiot in this video (below) who stopped his car thought that holding his hand up to his fellow motorists to say ‘sorry’ was enough to appease them for putting their lives at risk.

We have seen some absolute morons in our times, but this car’s driver has to be ‘up there’ amongst the BIGGEST.

It is only by sheer luck that other motorists did not plough into the back of the poor souls who had to react to the moron in the silver car.

If you take just one thing from this video footage, let it remind you why you should always be on your guard when you are driving on the motorway.  

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