Should The Covidiots Who Protest Outside Hospitals Should Be Banned From Using The NHS?

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Out of the many images shared on the internet over the last couple of months, few have raged people more than the photos of so-called Covidiots protesting outside hospitals.

The shame brought on humanity by this group of dimwits cannot be understated. 

Life-saving medical staff who had just finished their shifts have been met by dozens of weirdos and oddballs who genuinely think that NHS workers are interested in what they have to say. 

One medic, who had just finished a shift at St Thomas’ Hospital in London said:

Many people said that these covidiots should be banned from ever getting access to the NHS; including as/when they catch the virus. 

Why should the amazing men and women who work in the NHS have to witness these c**kcockwombles spouting their brainwashed drivel outside A&Es? 

I am all for peaceful protests and freedom of speech. That is one of the ‘perks’ of living in a democracy. 

But these fools weren’t protesting. And they could have voiced their ridiculous nonsense anywhere. But they choose a hospital. During a pandemic. 

This narcissistic bunch of brainwashed single-cell amoebas were intent on harassing the life-saving men and women who are working 12+ hour shifts to try and save lives. 

Imagine holding the hands of COVID patients as they pass away, and then, when you finish work, being confronted by moronic louts who shout at you, telling you that everything that is happening, is not ‘real’.

One NHS worker said:

‘Can’t even put into words how furious, hurt and insulted I am at having to spend most of my day off hearing through my accommodation window the crowd of protesters outside St Thomas’ Hospital, shouting that we are all liars’.

Image credit: Twitter

Why don’t these imbeciles who think that other people want to hear their BS, volunteer to help out in the morgue of, in this case, St Thomas’ Hospital? 

Or why aren’t they invited up to spend a few hours on a COVID ward (without any PPE). 

Maybe they are just scared? 

Perhaps the only way these covidiots can rationalise the pandemic, is to deny that it exists? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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