‘Don’t Care If You Are An Ambulance’ – Angry Person Leaves Angry Note

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As if emergency ambulance crews did not already have enough to deal with without coming back to their vehicles to find that someone has left an obnoxious note for them. 

That is precisely what one ambulance crew was greeted with recently when they returned to their vehicle, having responded to a 999 call. 

The note that had been left on the windscreen of the emergency ambulance said:

‘Don’t care if you are an ambulance you can’t block people’s driveways!

The ‘professional moaner’ who left the note expected the medics to stop their life-saving treatment to move their vehicle. 

And instead of feeling fortunate that they were not in the patient’s position, the individual who wrote the note thought that sounding their horn for ‘ten minutes’ was the right thing to do in the situation. 

Most decent-minded people understand that, when it comes to saving someone’s life, an inconvenience of ten minutes is a fair price to pay. 

Along with other healthcare professionals, emergency ambulance crews have been working more-or-less non-stop since this dreadful pandemic began. 

The last thing overworked, tired and exhausted ambulance crews need right now is to come back to their vehicles and find angry notes left by ‘professional moaners’. 

Shame on the note-writer. 

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