Cops Mistaken For Swingers At Large ‘Adult Party’

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When the police in Argentina heard about a large swingers party about to ‘go down’, they sent a unit to the address to bring a halt to the gathering. 

Around 20 couples at the farm were all having drinks before the ‘main event’ started. 

According to local media, officers knocked on the property’s door at around 22:00 hours – just as the real party was getting started.  

The remote farm was located around 400km south of Buenos Aires.

“When they saw us they thought we were part of the show. That we were strippers.”

When they were inside, one of the women who was taking part in the party ran into one of the officers, but, thinking he was there as entertainment, she reportedly whispered: “Look at your eyes. You warm me.”

The operation was led by General Pueyrredón’s Undersecretary of Security, Gustavo Jara. 

He confirmed that the people involved in the party were ‘respectful, did not resist, and even joked about what happened’.

He added: 

“People didn’t know what was going on. One of them, realising we weren’t strippers, told us, ‘Uh, we were excited.’ It was comical and absurd at the same time.”

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