7-Year-Old Labrador ‘Willy’ Rescued After Falling 20ft Into A Well

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Animal rescue volunteers and Firefighters from Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service jumped into action last night to rescue a labrador that had fallen into a well. 

After going missy, ‘Willy’ was found by his owner 20ft down in a dark and water-filled well. 

Local animal rescue lead, Jim Green, was called to the scene and after assessing the situation, called for a water pump as rescuers put the rescue plan in place. 

The water pump that had been requested by Jim meant that the risk of ‘Willy’ drowning was significantly reduced, as the high-pressure machine sucked flood water out of the well. 

A specialist animal rescue team from Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service (Eastleigh) also responded to the call for help. 

After arriving on the scene, a firefighter was lowered into the dark, cold well with only inches of space to spare. 

After a tense few moments, Willy was brought back to dry land and was quickly dried off before being given some treats. 

Thankfully, Willy was not injured and after being given a clean bill of earth, spent the rest of the evening at home in his bed. 

Image credit: Friends of Hampshire Animal Rescue / Facebook

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