WATCH | ‘I Was Debating Whether Or Not To Go Into Work Tomorrow’ ICU Doctor Responds To “Influencer” Sunning It Up In Dubai

I am not sure about you, but rarely does a day go by now without me thinking about the truly amazing men and women who work in the NHS and who are on the front line of the fight against Covid. 

My mum works in an NHS renal unit (I won’t say which hospital). She and her NHS colleagues have lost 28 of their 120 patients to Covid. Twenty-eight patients who they have come to know well over the years.  

One of my sisters is a midwife – working in the same hospital as my mum. She and her colleagues have done the best they can to bring new life into the world at a time when so many lives are being lost to Covid. 

She has told me about the heart-wrenching stories of her Covid patients who have given birth to babies which, since they are in isolation, they have not been able to see for several weeks. 

I have another sister, who is an Emergency Care Assistant. She and her colleagues across the ambulance service have seen more death in the last 12 months than they could expect to see during their entire careers.

What our NHS and first responders have seen over the last 12 months, will have a massive impact of their mental health. And I speak as someone who was once a first responder.

The same applies, of course, to the police officers who have been responding to sudden deaths and the firefighters who have been driving emergency ambulances and helping to transport the dead.  

With the above in mind, I could not help but notice a tweet shared by ‘This Morning’ about the so-called British ‘influencers’ who are out in Dubai at the moment, sharing videos of themselves doing influencer-type ‘things’ (whatever that is) that we can only dream of.

The caption to the video of an interview between Holly, Phillip and ‘Sheridan’ was: 

‘Sheridan has been in Dubai since the start of January, on an ‘essential work-trip’ to provide sunny content for her followers. 

‘Following an online backlash, she joins us today to defend her position’. 

Sheridan said that her ‘job’ is to ‘motivate people’. Credit: This Morning

In the video (below), Sheridan seemed not to grasp the concept that self-indulgent pouting videos of people riding camels in Dubai do not motivate the vast majority of people during these dark times. 

Such videos, in fact, seem to have the opposite effect.

One ICU doctor summed it up nicely when he tweeted: 

‘I was debating whether or not to go into work in ICU tomorrow. 

‘Fortunately, this video of Sheridan riding a camel in the desert has motivated me to go in. 

‘I’ll show it to the nurses when they’re on a break and hopefully they’ll find it as inspirational as I did’.

This tongue-in-cheek sentiment resonated with quite a few of the amazing men and women who have been witnessing death on a scale that the vast majority of us really cannot comprehend. 

In Sheridan’s defence, she said that her job ‘is to motivate people’. She also pointed out that she has been filming ‘fitness videos’ amongst her other pics and videos.

But what do you think? 

Are you motivated by videos of Brits in Dubai having a grand old time as we are all stuck indoors? 

Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. If you say anything negative about the influencer they turn around and quote “be kind” like they are being victimized. Why do we need these people anyway????

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