WATCH | Mercedes Driver Barrels Down Snowy Hill Into Parked Cars

A video has been shared on Twitter of the moment when the driver of a black Mercedes threw caution to the wind as they descended a snow-covered and icy hill. 

In the short clip, which has been watched over 1.5 million times, a white VW drives on the off-side of the road to avoid a Smart car that had come to a stop just after a traffic island. 

The VW driver slowly passes the Smart car as the black Mercedes enters the crest of the hill. 

The driver of the White VW goes off-side to avoid the Smart car.

As the Mercedes speeds past the traffic island, bystanders can be heard to shout: ‘oh my, no, no, no..’

But it is too late.

As the driver of the Merc sounds their horn, they smash into the back of the Smart car, before bouncing off it, hitting the white VW and careering into the back of another two vehicles. 

After hitting the Smart car, the Merc appears to hit the white VW and several other vehicles.

One of the bystanders shouts: “WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE” as the Merc continues to slide down the hill. 

The lady who saw the collision adds: “I live here and this happens every year. There have been about three accidents already today”. 

Another Twitter user said: “Looked like a 3 series. They’re rear wheel drive I think and therefore useless in the ice/snow. Poor bugger probably lost control and wanted to stop but couldn’t. That said, they’re daft for driving in those conditions”.

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