WATCH | Lorries Containing Shellfish Start To Circle Around Westminster

If you are going to be in or around Westminster over the next 24 hours, then there is a high chance that you might need your face-covering not just because of Covid, but because of the smell of rotting sea creatures. 

A video has been shared on a Facebook page called ‘Only Way Is Dutch’ (scroll down for video) of lorries ‘parking up around Westminster’ and ‘in front of Downing Street’.

In one part of the video, a lorry with the words: ‘Incompetent government destroying shellfish industry’ can be seeing making its way towards Downing Street. 

At least ten (maybe 20) lorries are circling around Westminster).

I’m not exactly sure how much shellfish one of these HGVs can carry, but I am as sure as hell that I would not want to be near one when/if it spills its load everywhere. 

If you are in London but have been avoiding wearing your face-covering, then I am reasonably sure that the smell of out-of-date shellfish might make you reconsider. 

One comment left on the video read: ‘Give the old Eton boys club some fish’ (no mention of any chips though). 

Watching the footage reminded me of a David Attenborough documentary that I have observed about sharks circling their prey. 

I counted at least ten HGVs in the five minute clip. That is a lot of shellfish.

Industry associations have complained that, since Brexit, extra paperwork has made it difficult to deliver fresh produce to mainland Europe before it goes off.

Mark Moore, manager of the Dartmouth Crab Company, said his business and others were protesting to “raise awareness” of the impact of new border checks.

He told BBC Radio 5 Live his company had faced delays of up to eight and a half hours when delivering produce into the European Union.

He added that the situation was “especially difficult” for the shellfish sector, where goods were at risk of going off before reaching customers.

“It’s not about the increased documentation per se,” he said.

“We have taken that on board, and we ourselves – and I know many others – have had no issues with producing the actual paperwork.”

“It’s the volume required and the timeframe in which to produce it, which doesn’t lend itself to live shellfish and fish generally.”

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