Police Social Media Guru Clears Up Uncertainty Over Number Of Snowmen Allowed In Gardens

During times such as these, it is good to find little nuggets of morale which find their way onto social media. 

After all, social media has become so toxic recently, that finding the light-hearted stuff has become a mission that requires a vast amount of resources. 

So when we saw a light-hearted exchange on the Lincolnshire Police Facebook page, we just had to share it with you. 

Replying to a post that was published by Lincolnshire Police’s social media guru concerning the recent snowfall, a follower asked:

‘If it does snow, how many snowman are allowed in my garden’. 

To which the social media guru for Lincolnshire Police replied:

‘We would classify them as part of your household. So long as they are not mixing with snowmen from other gardens you are good to go’. 

A morale outbreak has been detected on social media.

Nearly 200 people ‘liked’ or ‘laughed’ at the comment, so it is probably fair to certify this thread as a morale outbreak. 

And we all know what happens to morale outbreaks. 

They get deleted. 

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