WATCH | Car Bursts Into Flames Whilst Snow-Drifting In Tesco’s Carpark

A video has been shared on Twitter of the moment when a car burst into flames as it drifted on the snow in a Tesco’s car park. 

Several cars had gathered at the venue in Bradford, Great Horton. 

As the small car revved its tiny engine, it caught fire. But the driver of the vehicle initially did not realise that there was a small inferno beneath him. 

Other ‘drifters’ tried to warn the driver of the car that his vehicle was on fire, by repeatedly sounding their horns and shouting at him.

But the blaring rave music being played in the background clearly drowned out the warnings to begin with.

Eventually, the car stops and the driver gets out to survey the damage as the fire quickly takes hold. 

As you can guess, it wasn’t long before the vehicle turned into a fireball, much to the amusement of fellow drifters and spectators.  

Commenting on the two minute video, one social media user observed: ‘It’s so sad, the moment when a car is burning and it sounds it’s horn for help while everyone just stand around filming instead of helping it’.

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