WATCH | Double-Decker Bus Almost ‘Topples Over’ In Icy Conditions

A Twitter user has caught the terrifying moment when a double-decker bus slides down a hill towards a stationary car in Halifax earlier on today (14th Jan). 

Much of the region has been hit hard by wintery conditions, as snowstorms unleash their wintery payloads around the country. 

In the video below, the bus is forced to break owing to the fact that there is a stationary car in the middle of the road ahead of it. 

As the wheels of the bus lock up, it starts to slide side-on towards the car that had come to a stop at the bottom of a hill. 

At one point, it even looks like the bus is about to topple over as the driver tries to regain some sort of control.

Had the bus of hit some ice-free road as it veered down the hill side-on, then there is a good chance that the sudden deceleration could have caused the bus to topple over.

Somehow, the highly-skilled bus driver manages to stop their huge vehicle just in time as it avoids hitting the car. 

The stationary car driver, clearly seeing the bus come hurtling towards it, also reversed backwards as the bus came sliding towards it. 

The video ends just as the car that the bus was heading towards makes a u-turn and heads back up the hill. 

The video was uploaded only three hours ago but has already been viewed over 230k times. 

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