WATCH | Moped Rider Tries To Overtake Royal Horse Guard Too Close & Gets Kicked By A Horse

A video has emerged on Twitter of the moment when a moped rider in London tried to overtake a procession of the Royal Horse Guards. 

For some reason, known only to the moped rider, he/she thought it was a good idea to attempt the manoeuvre next to a traffic island. 

The Horse Guard, from the King’s Troop RHA, were riding two-abreast, so there was not much room to squeeze by. 

And that is when one of the horses, who became spooked by the moped rider, kicked out and knocked him/her off their bike.

Anyone who has been anywhere near a horse will tell you that getting too close to them, especially when you are on a motorbike, is not a good idea. As this person found out for themselves.  

As you can imagine, Twitter soon lit up with tweets full of condemnation for the moped rider. 

The video was uploaded to Twitter by PC Tyler O’Hare who said:

‘This is the reason the Highway Code (S214) states: “When passing animals, drive slowly. Give them plenty of room and be ready to stop”.

‘It’s for their safety, the riders safety and road users safety. It’s vital’. 

Lots of people have asked about the welfare of the horse in the hope that he/she was not injured. Funnily enough, not one person (from what we have seen) has asked about the moped rider…

One person tweeted: ‘Let’s hope the horse was OK, the moped rider clearly an idiot’.

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  1. that is king troop royal horse artillery not the household cavalry yes they do the royal salute gun fire in green park but they are not the royal horse guard at all

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