‘But Remember This Battle’ – Written By A Paramedic

This piece was written by a paramedic who has been on the frontline of the fight against the virus:

‘The Time Has Come , The Vaccine Is Here We Have Waited So Long, In Grief And In Fear My Colleagues And I , Through Tiredness And Tears Have Worn Masks And Shields , To Treat Families And Peers You Clapped For Us , To Help Us Win But Everyday , Our Green Line Grew Thin.

‘The Front line Was tough , Crews Saw Heartache And Pain But We Grew Stronger Together , While The Virus Remained The Public Were generous , With Food Sweets And Gifts But What Every Crew Wanted , Was Safety From Shift My Colleagues Are Struggling , The Suffering Is Clear But No Hug For Support , As It Would Be Too Near.

‘At A Distance I Try , To Sympathetically Ask But The Truth From A Tear , Falls Over A Mask The Hospitals Full, With Ambos’s In Queue For All You Conspirators, Please Take A View The Doctors And Nurses , All In A&E Treating The Sick , In Full PPE.

‘A 12 Hour Shift , Is Finally ended The Crew Are Safe , And The Patients All Tended The Fear Is Still real , As The Threat Is Unseen I Shower And Change , To Ensure I Am Clean My Hands Are All Cracked , My Face Is All Sore As I Scrub This Disease, Out Of Every Pore.

‘We Have Missed Love Ones And Family , With Government Pleas Wear A Mask and Isolate , So At Last We Are Free I Pray To A God , And Ask ” Why Let This Happen” The Suffering And Pain , Is Like Armageddon The Scientists Worked Hard , Day And Night For A cure At Last A Vaccine , They Had To Be Sure.

‘Was Safe And Was tested , With Brave Volunteers Who Stepped Up Had The Vaccine , To End Fears And Tears With The End In Sight , And Hope Finally Here We Can Hopefully Clap , Hug Each Other And Cheer But Remember This Battle , In Years that will Come COVID 19 Attacked , BUT THE NHS WON !!!!!!!!!!!’.

Written by Dave Tamarro

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