Cop Ticked-Off For Using TikTok

A West Midlands Police officer has been given a dressing down by his superiors after a couple of his TikTok videos were widely shared in the mainstream media. 

Both The Sun and LadBible have carried stories showing the officers’ videos, which were published to his public feed on the video-sharing platform. 

According to The Sun, in one clip, the officer asked his followers: ‘Have you tried indian yet darling?’. 

Whilst cop TikTok accounts are popular on the other side of the pond, with tens of thousands of such accounts, UK cops are discouraged by their superiors from sharing videos of themselves whilst they are in uniform. 

In his videos, the officer also apparently refers to himself as ‘Special Agent Fox’. He denied that he was on-duty in any of the clips uploaded to his TikTok account. 

His bosses in West Midlands Police have confirmed that he has been ‘spoken to’ regarding his TikTok videos

A statement from West Midlands Police said: 

“Our Professional Standards Department has assessed the conduct of the officer, which fell short of the standards of Professional Behaviour expected of police officers.

“The matter will be dealt with under the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2020, through practice requiring improvement, and advised about his future conduct.”

So What Sort Of Videos Can UK Cops Share On TikTok? | Opinion.

If you are a UK cop and you are thinking of setting up a TikTok account that documents (or showcases) your life as a police officer, then knowing what sort of content to post can be a minefield. 

Generally speaking, any videos of you in your uniform are a ‘no go’, which is a shame, as TikTok enables officers to show their personalities. 

The videos can also be a way for officers to let off some steam. 

In the US, people are used to seeing videos of cops doing interesting and funny things. But here in the UK, our stiff upper lip tends to twitch whenever we see videos of cops daring to show their human side with us.

If you are a UK police officer who is thinking about setting up a public ‘job profile’ TikTik account, then just remember that there are thousands of professional bystanders out there who will be more-than-happy to ‘do your legs’ if you give them half the chance. 

And this is why we see so few UK cops with TikTok ‘job’ accounts. Which is a shame, as the British bobby’s sense of humour is hard to beat.  

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