WATCH | Person Spotted Walking Around London In Tier 5 ‘Tent’

A video has been shared on social media of a person who appears to be walking around London’s streets, with their own COVID isolation tent. 

The commentator who filmed the encounter shared the video in a public Facebook group called ‘S**t London’. 

During the 17 second clip, the male filming said: ‘Some people are taking this thing to the next level’.

The government recently put England into a national lockdown to stop the spread of the virus. 

The ‘stay at home’ order means that you can only leave your home for a set of specific reasons, which are outlined on the website. 

But the person with the tent is clearly taking no chances as they carry the cumbersome structure around with them. 

On the back of the tent is a ‘Tier 5’ handwritten note. 

Another group member mentioned that they had spotted the same person near Uxbridge Halfords recently.  

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