WATCH | Kids Surprised Cop When They Thought His Shift Had Finished

These kids thought they would surprise this police officer when he finished his shift, by throwing eggs and other ‘stuff’ at him when he walked through the door. 

All appeared to be going well as the kids set the stage, ready for the ambush.  

The children were all in position; poised and ready pounce as soon as the unsuspecting police officer walked through the door. 

One of the kids had a prime spot, stood on top of the couch, ready to hit the cop in the face with an egg. 

The other children across the room took up positions that even a platoon sergeant would probably be happy with! 

And then the moment came as the cop walked through the door. 

He was quickly covered in egg and flour. But there was a problem. 

The officer had not finished his shift. He had popped back to pick something up before heading back out to work again. 

What should have been a quick pit-stop quickly changed into a need to completely change his uniform that was now covered in egg and flour.  

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