Cop Praised After Giving £180 In Vouchers To Family Who Could Not Afford Christmas Meal For Their Kids

A Cop in the US has been praised after buying a meal for a family who were suspected of shoplifting. 

Officer Matt Lima was called by store management to a ‘Stop & Shop’ in Somerset, Massachusetts. 

The staff at the store reported that two women were not scanning all of the items which they were placing in their basket. 

When Officer Lima spoke to the two females, they explained that they had fallen upon hard times and that they simply could not afford to pay for all of the food they needed. 

They wanted to make sure that their kids had a good meal at Christmas, but they did not have the money to make this could happen. 

The cop issued the duo with a “no trespass” order, which means they are not allowed in that particular store again. 

But because all of the items they had not scanned were food, the police decided not to press any charges. 

Cleary touched by their story, officer Lima then spent £180 ($250) of his own money to buy the pair some gift vouchers so that they could give their children, who were with them at the time, the Christmas they deserved. 

Officer Lima said: “The two children with the women reminded me of my kids, so I had to help them out”. 

Police Chief McNeil said:

“I would like to personally commend Officer Lima for his actions. 

“His actions exemplify what it means to protect and serve the members of our community. 

“When faced with a difficult situation in which a family was trying to provide a meal for their kids, he made the generous decision to not press charges and instead ensured that they would have a Christmas dinner they could enjoy.”

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