Alternative Road Sign Meanings

Alternative Road Sign Meanings

With so many road signs dotted around public roads, we thought that we would highlight some of the alternative meanings for some of the most common signs. 

We have to point out that what you will find below are not the actual meanings for the various road signs which are included in this piece. 

But, when we saw them, they made us giggle so we thought that you might enjoy them. 

Image credit: Safely Endangered

You might have thought that the 1st sign means that there is a risking of skidding ahead. But it means that cars ahead of you are enjoying some ice skating. 

The next sign highlights that you should look out for kids with their parents/guardians. Or could it mean ‘beware of the giants’? 

The roundabout sign often gets confused with the ‘sign loading’ symbol…

Image credit: Safely Endangered

The sign that alerts drivers to ‘elderly’ people ahead, really means that this is where the official conga line begins. 

And the figure digging up the road is just highlighting that there is someone ahead of you who is selling large, heavy umbrellas. 

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