Woman Gets ‘Hot Chocolate Bomb’ Confused With ‘Bath Bomb’ And Ends Up Having A Nightmare

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You have probably already heard about bath bombs. Those small round balls of weirdness that you throw into your bath to turn it into something that resembles a spa. 

I haven’t used one, but my wife loves them. And she ends up wafting the aroma of various essential oils for hours after she has used a bath bomb. 

But did you know that you can also buy ‘hot chocolate bombs’? 

You put them in a mug, add some hot milk and then sit back and enjoy the visual spectacle of your boring glass of milk turning into an exciting mug of hot chocolate. 

Credit: Bakeology | Facebook

And if you fancy trying out a hot chocolate bomb for yourself, whether whilst in the bath or otherwise, then you guy buy them on Amazon starting from 6.99

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