WATCH | Van Driver Attempts To Cross Deep Ford And Instantly Regrets It

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A video has been shared on social media of the terrifying moment when a van driver attempts to drive through a deep ford before being washed away. 

The two-minute video starts as the van driver lines himself up for the epic crossing. 

In front of him, is a fast-flowing ford that is situated at the bottom of several valley’s. 

After 7 seconds, the driver puts the van into gear and ploughs into the river. 

The video ends when the van stops moving. 

The video highlights the dangers of trying to drive through deep water. Not only does it risk your safety, but most insurance policies won’t pay out if your car is written off as a result of driving through deep water or fords.

The video, shared on ‘Scotoffroad’ has been shared over 9k times since it was uploaded yesterday (10th December) evening.

One person wrote: ‘Reminds me of a episode of classic Thomas the tank engine that I haven’t watched since I was very little. Obviously the train didn’t swear as much’.

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