WATCH | Professional Bystander Threatens Cop With Going To Her Boss. So She Went To Him Herself

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Whether you love them or hate them, videos of people filming themselves dancing to various tracks have become a big thing on social media. 

Especially on TikTok.

Here, you will find millions of videos of people dancing to various hit tracks. Some of them are good, some not so good. 

Members of the emergency services also tend to dip their toes into this pool of entertainment as well. 

not everyone shares the TikTok love. Image credit: SouthEastern NUPD | TiKTok

During the height of the pandemic, we saw loads of videos filmed by UK emergency services personnel being uploaded to TikTok. 

The vast majority of the general public loved them. But, as ever, the loud voices of professional moaners soon put a stop to this.

Not content with their staff showing their personal side on social media, Senior Management Teams across the country put an abrupt end to this outbreak of morale. 

Some members of the emergency services were even threatened with disciplinary action.

In the US, however, they don’t have such a stiff upper lip. 

Some ‘official’ cop pages on TikTok still allow their staff to make these videos.

I guess you could see it as ‘outreach’ work? After all, there is a human behind the uniform. So why not allow staff to show their human side?

But when one TikTok user, who is also a professional moaner, threatened to go to the boss of a police officer who shared a video of herself dancing, she decided to go to him herself. 

And instead of joining the professional bystander in moaning, the Chief did the exact opposite.

As you will see in the video below:

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