‘Spare A Thought For Military Spouses’ Military Wife Pens Letter To PM

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‘Spare A Thought For Military Spouses’ Military Wife Pens Letter To PM

A military wife has written to the prime minister, asking him to ‘spare a thought’ for military spouses who will not be able to see their families this Christmas following the raft of new lockdown measures which were announced over the weekend. 

Military spouses whose partners are still overseas, and who will be for the foreseeable future, had been looking forward to spending some time with their family members over the festive period. 

Owing to the nature of their partner’s work, military spouses often relocate from their home towns and cities to live on remote military bases which are dotted around the country. 

‘We are currently posted somewhere in Yorkshire, but we both come from Kent, apart from our cat, who is indeed Yorkshire born, bred and rescued. 

‘Throughout this deployment, I knew that Christmas would be difficult without him (first Christmas in seven years), but I also knew that spending three days with my mother in Kent would be a well deserved treat. This, however, will now not happen. For the first time in my life, I will not be able to spend Christmas with my mother, or indeed a member of my family (our cat doesn’t really count as the conversation is limited). 

‘So please, spare a thought for military spouses who are posted, on a good day, five hours from their families, and are now unable to spend Christmas Day with their loved ones. Roll on Easter…?


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