Resident Makes Epic Change To ‘Wham’ Road Sign

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If you happen to drive in the north and you often head towards the towns of Cockfield and Wham, then you might have noticed that someone has made some festive edits to one of the roadsigns. 

As per the image from Google Street View, the sign should in Teesdale should read: ‘Cockfield’ with ‘Wham’ underneath it. 

But some creative ingenuity has meant that the sign now reads: ”Last Christmas Wham!” in tribute to the well-known festive song that always gets played at this time of year. 

Before | credit: Google Street View

One of our followers sent the pictures in to us with the caption: “Someone in my area has defaced a local signpost and it’s genius! I hope it doesn’t get reported as criminal damage!! See for yourself”. 


How long do we reckon it will stay up their before being removed by the local council? Let us know in the comments below.

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