Police Comms Team ‘Owns’ COVID Rebel On Social Media

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A police communications team has been celebrated on social media after their response to a comment that was left by one of their followers. 

Replying to a recent post published by South Wales Police, one social media user said:

‘Hand face space…other than that I’ll be doing what I like!’ 

The comment attracted 80 interactions, including some ‘likes’ and angry emojis. 

However, the response that came back from the social media team who published the post was, judging by the number of interactions it got, widely endorsed by many. 

The reply was: ‘see you soon’. Short and swift and to the point. 

This three-word reply got nearly 800 positive responses and no ‘angry’ emojis – which say a lot. 

Even on the forces DCI’s commended the reply when they said: ‘I love our SWPolice Comms team.’

The DCI’s tweet attracted over 3k likes on Twitter.

Unfortunately, the post/comment has since been deleted. But our eager team of ‘spotters’ managed to get some screen grabs before they vanished forever.

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