‘Naughty Elves’ Spotted Inside Firefighters Hazmat Suit | Elf On A Shelf

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Whether you get involved with the ‘Elf on a Shelf’ ‘thing’ or not, there is little hope of escaping it. 

My household is an elf free zone at the moment. 

That is mainly because I do not want my three-year-old son thinking that there is an elf roaming around at night in our house, causing mayhem. 

But the naughty elf phenomenon at work? That’s different. 

The post, shared by the Wareham Fire Station Facebook page, said:

‘Oh no those naughty elves got inside firefighter Paul’s hazmat suit on a training night. 

‘We think they thought it was a bouncy castle on legs’.

Elf on a Shelf

The post and accompanying image proved to be quite popular with hundreds of shares and ‘likes’. 

Firefighter Paul was last seen heading into the showers with his newly found friends. 

What happened next? We will leave that up to your imagination. 

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