Mercedes AMG Driver Fits Fake Blue Lights To Vehicle And Gets Pulled By The Real Police

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Some people think that, by fitting blue lights and sirens to their private vehicles, then they can get away with driving on ‘blues and twos’ even though they have zero exemptions from the Road Traffic Act.

Not only are these charlatans technically not insured whilst they are driving, but they are also breaking the law. 

The sort of driver who fits fake blue lights and sirens to their vehicle probably thinks that they will get away with it because, after all, most members of the public cannot tell the difference between a legitimate unmarked police car and a fake one. 

But one idiot who decided to fit blue lights and sirens to his Mercedes AMG had not counted on the fact that most police officers know that ‘the job’ don’t have unmarked AMG’s. 

Which means that although the AMG driver might be able to fool the general public, he cannot fool members of the police. 

And this is precisely what happened when Met Police Detectives spotted the driver of an AMG whilst they were on their way to a job. 

Talking about what happened, MPSSpecial tweeted to say:

‘This afternoon’s prize goes to the man who fitted fake blue lights and sirens to his AMG and then used them to pretend to be an unmarked police vehicle to get through heavy traffic.

‘Pssst… Mr AMG, we have REAL unmarked cars, we know what they SHOULD look like, so you’ll be spotted, and we’ll arrange to have you stopped via the cunning use of teamwork. Off to court he goes, reported for a string of offences.

‘The biggest irony was that he was spotted by one of our genuine unmarked CID cars. They instantly spotted the fake, and then followed him for a number of miles, unseen, while the rest of us descended on the area to arrange a lovely little surprise stop at the roadside.’

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