Fire Rig Spotted With Its Own Coffee Machine

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If you serve in the emergency services, then the chances are that you have probably attended an incident that goes on for many hours. 

Even when the major incident is over, then you still have to stay on the scene for a considerable amount of time, for a variety of different reasons. 

This fire rig has its own coffee machine

If you are well prepared, then you almost certainly started your shift with a flask that was full to the brim with tea or coffee. 

You get to watch on in pleasure as the colour slowly drains from your colleague’s faces as they try to figure out when their next caffeine fix is going to be. 

It even has space for its own stash of goodies

If you are feeling generous, then you might even share your nectar with your colleagues. 

But one fire engine, or ‘rig’, has come up with the answer. 

It has its own coffee machine on board and can be accessed with just the click of a few buttons. 

It is not 100% clear if other members of the emergency services are also allowed to get their caffeine fix from this coffee machine. 

But maybe this alone is an excellent reason to join the fire service if you are thinking about a career in the emergency services? 

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