Pot Noodle Sandwich

Cops Share Picture Of Pot Noodle Sandwich And It Has Divided A Lot Of People

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If you like Pot Noodles and you enjoy a decent sandwich, then what could be better than a pot noodle sandwich? 

I will admit that I used to love eating Super Noodles in a sandwich. 

You cook up the Super Noodles, let them cool down and then place the ‘Super Noodle cake’ in a sandwich with a slice of cheese and plenty of butter. 

It made a nice, tasty snack; but I would get some funny looks from my family when I ate it. 

A screenshot of the tweet was shared on ‘Rate My Refs’ – a Facebook page that shares images and videos of what people eat when they are at work and on a break.

The picture has the potential to spark a fierce debate on social media with many people both for and against the dish being ‘triggered’ by the image.

When the image was shared in the ‘Rate My Refs’ Facebook Group, one member said: ‘It’s a cake fine alright… but only for using the Chicken and Mush flavour. Try the curry flavour with tiger bread- that’s for winners’.

Another member of the closed group said: ‘Apparently if you put it in a Breville it makes it easier to eat. 

‘Although you might end up with full thickness burns on the roof of your mouth’. 

But what do you think? 

Are you for or against this meal idea? Let us know in the comments below.

I think that more people are going to be ‘for’ this soggy sandwich than will be ‘against’ it. 

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