Anaesthetist Completely Owns Anti-Masker On Twitter

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An anaesthetist has completely owned an anti-masker following a series of tweets which went (almost) viral. 

The string of tweets started when a tweeter entered the debate by claiming:

“Not only do masks reduce your O2 & increase your CO2 intakes which makes you wheeze or gasp but they also provide perfect warm damp breeding grounds for pathogens to breath [sic] in, that will progressively make you ill. 

“For those who WANT more respiratory illnesses – job done”. 

And then came the viral payload, so to speak, from the anti-masker; “And you [sic] qualifications for stating that are?”

The response was swift and direct: “A degree in medicine and Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, for which I was examined in respiratory physiology and the mechanics of gas transfer”.

Followed by: “What are yours?”.

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As you would expect, the response by the anti-masker was not enough to repudiate the statement that was made by the highly qualified medical doctor. 

Shortly after the doctor published his tweets, which, based on the amount of ‘likes’, seemed to ‘win’ the debate, then the usual gaggle of trolls tried to discredit the life-saving doctor. 

But even trolls & bots cannot dispute scientific facts. 

Thankfully, most of us are happy to wear our face-coverings, taking comfort in the knowledge that we are helping to save peoples lives by slowing the spread of a virus that has taken over 1.5 million lives globally.  

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