Angry Employee Leaves Note Telling Colleagues That Their Poops Are Too Big

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If you are brave enough (or have no other choice) than to use the toilet at work, then you are probably often met with a grizzly sight. 

And if you are unlucky enough only to have only one toilet between dozens of you, then there is nothing worse than finding someone else’s dinner from two days ago where you now need to sit. 

But one employee wanted to make sure that his colleagues were under no illusion when it comes to sorting out what the issue often is; blocked toilets.

A note left on a toilet said:

The author of the note left no instruction in terms of what you should do if your poop falls foul of the new rules. 

Do you have to break it up? Put it back where it came from? Take it home in a bag? 

There seems to be a lot of unanswered questions here…

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