WATCH | Police Dog ‘Wakes Up’ Firefighters After Activating Vehicle’s Siren

As a police dog handler, you get to play with your four-legged-friend as you wait for the next emergency call to come in. 

This ‘play’ can involve wrestling your dog for its favourite indestructible kong toy

Although, the chances of you being able to wrestle the kong from the dogs teeth are slim. 

Or you could just wave your hand around in front of your furry missiles teeth like this officer was doing as they hung out outside the front of a fire station. 

All was going well until K9 ‘Grimm’ lurched forward and activated the cars deafening siren. 

At the time, ‘Grimm’ was trying to catch his handlers fingers with his paw. 

But when the paw came down, it landed right on the button that turns on the siren. The lightning-fast reflexes of the officer meant that it was not on for long. 

After turning the siren off, the officer panned the camera round to face the fire station and said: ‘ssshhhh – you don’t want to wake the firefighters’. 

There has always been some light-hearted banter between firefighters and other parts of the emergency services. 

But, as far as we are aware, this is the first time a ‘land shark’ has become involved in the banter! 

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