Police Inspector Pays Birthday ‘Cake Fine’ With Fruit & Veg

There is a long-standing tradition in the emergency services that you have to buy your team cakes when you make a minor mistake at work.

The same ‘cake fine’ applies when it is your birthday. You are duty-bound to bring lots of sweet ‘things’ in for your colleagues. 

Often, the preferred ‘cake’ of choice is doughnuts

So imagine their surprise when local policing officers were adorned with fruit and veg when one of their inspectors paid their duty-bound birthday ‘cake fine’. 

The post’s link was shared on ‘Rate My Refs’ – a Facebook page that celebrates anything eaten during a ‘refreshments’ break at work (regardless of where you work). 

As you can imagine, the fruit and veg did not go down well with the team, as they were expecting doughnuts, cookies and other immune-system-depleting sugary treats. 

I just think that the police inspector, conscious of the pandemic, wanted to make sure that his troops’ immune systems were the best they could be. 

Hence the copious amounts of decent vitamins being brought into work, vital for their ability to ensure that the human body’s immune system is fighting-fit. 

But not everyone saw it this way. 

One follower on the ‘Rate My Refs’ Group said: ‘Not acceptable, shows contempt & requires further fines!!’

Another added: ‘That’s a f**king outrage! You can’t force a healthy lifestyle on people’. 

Whilst another member of the group commented: ‘Not even a carrot for the houmous!! Bloody celery. Devil food’.

But what do you think? 

Undoubtedly, the Inspector who brought all of this fruit and veg in for his/her troops was just secretly doing their immune systems a favour? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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