Australia Threatens To Deport UK Backpackers Following Bronte Beach Party

Bronte Beach party

In Australia, authorities have threatened to deport hoards of backpackers who ignored social distancing rules to have a Christmas Day party on Bronte Beach. 

The event took place on Sydney’s Bronte Beach as hundreds of revellers decided to ignore the face-covering and social distancing rules. 

Video footage of the party was uploaded to social media and caused widespread anger amongst local officials who have been battling to keep the infection rate down. 

Officials called the scenes “absolutely appalling”.

Over the last few months, Sydney has managed to slow the virus’s spread, with zero new cases being reported. 

But, like in many other places around the world, a new outbreak is starting to emerge. 

Because of the new outbreak, strict new conditions were put in place in Sydney, including clampdowns on holiday gatherings and a lockdown of the worst-affected region, the Northern Beaches.

Australia’s Immigration Minister, Alex Hawke, said on Tuesday that he was “shocked” by the scenes at Bronte Beach. 

He then went on to issue a stark warning to anyone else who is thinking of ignoring the rules. 

Mr Hawke said: “If somebody is threatening public safety or health, their visa can be cancelled and revoked”.

This could prove problematic because none of the revellers’ details were obtained by the police and the police issued no fines following the Bronte Beach party.

Local media reported that the majority of people at the event were from the UK. 

One local journalist told the BBC: “You could hear lots of clearly English accents, and several people were wearing the white English football jerseys”. 

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